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  Cut Content Production Costs
Use marketing intelligence to cut production costs
The Odysii marketing intelligence platform is an ERP solution for marketing at the point of purchase. The Odysii platform provides proactive sales and marketing management per each store or branch location, enabling retailers, banks, and service providers to deliver the right product and the right product information to each of their customers at the point of purchase.
What does the Odysii marketing intelligence platform do?
The Odysii marketing intelligence platform captures your marketing and sales strategies and turns these into business rules. The Odysii platform continuously monitors and analyzes your local data. For example, in each retail location it monitors sales and inventory data; in the remote branch it monitors such data as customer banking profiles and the composition of the queue.
Once the analysis identifies a defined event within the business rules, it triggers the creation or modification of content on the local display screens in the store, in real time, from a pre-set graphic repository.
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How does marketing intelligence software really work?
The first step is to define your marketing and sales strategy and translate it into business rules
For example, once a certain item is determined to be a "slow seller" or a certain seasonal or perishable item is nearing the end of its sales cycle, the item can be promoted individually more frequently on the display screens or it can be paired with a faster selling item at a reduced price.
The second step takes place at the local store or branch level
Once these rules are set within the Odysii rules engine, the Odysii platform continuously monitors and analyzes local store data. As soon as the conditions of a business rule are met, the Odysii platform triggers the third step - the creation of a new promotion, or the modification of a current one. The Odysii auto-creator automatically creates an animated promotion that accurately communicates the desired new promotion and then distributes and airs it on the applicable display screen in the store.
Finally, fine-tune the marketing intelligence rules
The Odysii platform collects and analyzes the data returned from your POS or ERP in order to fine-tune the marketing intelligence rules set while continuing to offer you full transparency into your local branch or retail store performance.
The Odysii marketing intelligence platform enables you to reach out and touch your customers and communicate with them in a clear and effective voice.
This positively influences your customers' purchasing decisions at exactly the precise moment - while they are still in your store, office or branch.