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  Odysii vs. Digital Signage
An Evolutionary Leap Beyond Mere Signage
Why does the Odysii platform have the upper hand over old-fashioned digital signage?
Display screens enable you to convey promotional messages to your in-store customers. But to be effective and truly reach out and motivate your customers, the content must be relevant and applicable to the viewers. Otherwise, you miss the chance to bring value to your customers and, as a result, back to you.
To deliver on the promise of on-screen promotions at the branch, you need more than canned content running in a loop.
You need to be able to automatically identify and analyze relevant information in real time, respond dynamically, and target your message to ensure its effectiveness.
Odysii's digital signage solution
The underlying concept of the Odysii in-store messaging solution – and what sets Odysii apart from old-fashioned digital signage solutions – is the idea of being able to identify and instantly react to those real opportunities for meaningful contact with customers by delivering pertinent, targeted messages on the fly.
A relevant message to the right person at the right time is much more likely to positively impact purchasing behavior then generic messages operating on a 'hit or miss' concept.
Odysii works for you
You can also use the marketing intelligence capabilities of the Odysii solution to make customers feel more valued, thereby increasing loyalty; to educate customers on relevant topics; to create a better atmosphere in the branch, and much more.
Digital signage companies profess to help you at your point of purchase, but in the end they do little to really impact your business. This is primarily because ordinary signage tools display the same content again and again, regardless of real conditions in the branch, or who is viewing the content.
You cannot afford to communicate outdated, irrelevant content to your customers,
particularly when they are in your store and ready to make a purchasing decision.
With an ordinary signage solution, you might find yourself promoting a pair of shoes that is no longer in stock or introducing a student loan program to a customer who has just graduated from college.
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Odysii in-store messaging solutions can assure that your message is always targeted, relevant, and fresh - an evolutionary leap beyond mere signage.
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Digital signage suffers from many limitations:
1. Not Dynamic: It does not react to the changing conditions in your local environment
2. Not Targeted: It does not adapt to the person or people viewing the screens
3. Not Productive: It cannot automatically create relevant content or promotions on the fly
4. Not Strategic: It cannot modify on-screen content based on dynamic rules driven by your marketing strategy