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  Data Driven Creation
Translates Your Marketing Strategy 
into Effective Visual Campaigns
Marketing intelligence &
data driven creation
In an increasingly competitive landscape, retailers need to react quickly to changes and communicate with consumers in a clear, immediate, and effective manner. Odysii introduces Data Driven Creation – an innovative content creation process (based on your own marketing intelligence) that automatically translates your vision and your sales campaigns into attractive and effective visual communication on the screens in your store.
This is where marketing intelligence and Odysii Data Driven Creation come into action
Odysii Data Driven Creation (patent pending) enables the automatic creation of animated promotions that are displayed on your in-store display screens.
It is a complete cycle of post-production that does everything for the company: from picking out the applicable graphic items and product images, pictures and movies, to re-arranging them on-screen, to adding flow and after-effects as well as the current or new price and sales information. . . all this occurs automatically and based on real-time data from our marketing intelligence database.
How do the marketing intelligence solution and the Data Driven Creation work?
Once the Odysii marketing intelligence platform recognizes a specific trigger (such as a product that will soon expire or its sales season will soon be over), it activates the content creation process.
Using a predefined template, Odysii Data Driven Creation pulls the relevant images and information on the product from the Odysii repository, arranging each image in accordance with the template. It then executes specific effects and movement actions, giving that promotion the relevant look and feel needed to gain consumer attention.
Reduce your in-store advertising costs
  By automatically creating promotions and commercials in seamless post-production, you can save thousands of dollars in weekly pre-production editing and publishing costs.
React immediately to changing circumstances
Prior to Data Driven Creation, you would have had to create and produce a new promotion each time you needed to change what was airing on the screen, a long and cumbersome process.
Odysii Data Driven Creation reacts and executes in real time, creating new promotions, which in turn dramatically shorten your time-to-market.
Increase your accuracy and control of your
in-store communication
Upgrade the scalability of your in-store communication
Data Driven Creation helps you to meet the challenges of having a large retail network, enabling you to scale up quickly and easily.
Now you can automatically execute, in multiple locations, post-production processes that result in attractive on-screen promotions. This process would previously have taken you days or weeks to produce.