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Odysii in Action
Adapt your messaging in response
to what’s happening at the point of sale
Three key stages
of the sales process
Odysii adapts its messaging in response to what’s happening at the point of sale.
For each of the three stages in the sales process, Odysii displays different messaging on customer-facing screens. The stages can be defined as follows:
No customer at the
checkout counter
  Before customers arrive at the checkout counter, use the touch screens to introduce, promote and remind customers of what is available.
  The touch screen is used to promote high priority items and private label items, introduce loyalty cards and display brand messages.
Customer at the checkout counter
Once a customer arrives at the checkout counter, the touch screens match and upsell. They provide targeted offers that are complementary based on items in the transaction, such as twofers and private label products.
3. Transaction complete
Once the cashier hits “Total,” Odysii increases bounce back traffic using messaging that relates to your loyalty club, private label products, cross-sell opportunities and brand messages.
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Bounce Back Coupons
As a transaction winds down, Odysii displays bounce back coupons on touch screens, providing new offers that are tailored to each customer.
Coupons are targeted, based on an analysis of the customer’s recent purchase and purchase history. Coupons also take into account other considerations that are important to the store’s needs and priorities.
Bounce back coupons can be printed automatically when the transaction winds down.  Alternatively, customers can be required to touch the screens in order to print the coupons, since they are more likely to redeem a coupon that they have proactively requested.
Each coupon has a unique QR code, allowing Odysii to track click-through rates and redemption rates.
Odysii always offers relevant, targeted promotions, increasing the bounce back rate and the average basket. The system takes into account the customer’s purchase history and the store’s priorities. For example:
If you buy a frozen yogurt at a C-store, Odysii understands that you’re watching your weight, and that it might be a hot day. Odysii offers you a coupon for something cold and low in calories, such as a diet Coke. (The system will not try to sell you a hot, creamy soup.) If you buy a donut on Monday morning, Odysii might offer you a coupon for Tuesday, for coffee and donuts, thus increasing traffic in the store the next day.
Increase basket size
Encourage bounce back traffic
Increase the sale of private label product
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Odysii solution for:
Convenience Stores
Quick Service Restaurants
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