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  How Can I Improve My Suggestive Selling Efforts?

I sell a lot of fresh food in the store. Can Impulse™ help me increase sales?

If you have a separate food service area, where you sell fresh foods such as subs or burgers, Impulse™ can help you upsell and cross-sell. By placing a customer-facing screen at the POS next to the fresh food area, Impulse™ can help you bundle up to a whole meal or super-sized meal, or promote private label drinks with the sale of a burger.

Is my transaction going to slow down because of this tool?

No, Odysii ensures that the system does not slow you down. We’re not sending customers out of line. Rather, cashiers click on the cashier-facing screen to add an item to the basket, and the customer picks it up on their way out of the store. At rush hour, we can configure the system to be limited to “grab and go” purchases. Off-peak, we can set the system to include the inventory of the entire store. We monitor purchase time and configure the system so that it does not prolong the transaction.
Will Impulse™ increase conversion rates?
Impulse™ provides 1-to-1 marketing at the POS. Because it offers targeted messages on customer-facing screens, it generates increased sales and improves customer loyalty. Odysii consistently improves the success rate of suggestive selling. 
Can Impulse™ display scratch cards?
Odysii creates virtual scratch cards that raffle off loyalty points or another prize. Customers love to play a quick game and can “scratch” the screen to view what they’ve won.
I know Impulse™ offers customer-facing displays, but what can the cashier see?
We recommend installing a small, cashier-facing screen, which is a mirror image of the customer-facing screen. This helps the cashier understand exactly what the customer is seeing. It reminds the cashiers to reinforce the offers on display, and overcomes any language barriers.
What other content can run on the screen?
Many types of information can appear on the screen, including traffic alerts, news alerts, sports results and RSS feeds. We recommend devoting most available display time to upsell and cross-sell offers, though these can also be displayed across the bottom of a screen (as a ticker), while other content is simultaneously displayed.
Understanding the
Odysii system
Odysii increases sales by providing upsell and cross-sell opportunities that are customized at the Point of Sale.
Here is an example of how the system works:
1. Customer approaches cashier with soft drink bottle.
2. Odysii displays upsell offer that matches the customer’s original order.
Store realizes increased sales and efficiency.