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Marketing Intelligence
Solutions for:
Convenience stores 
Retail banks
Quick service restaurants
Odysii envisions a retail world with real-time, customized, targeted marketing message delivery to on-site customers, where businesses can motivate end-customers at the point of purchase in a way that advances sales, marketing and service strategies.
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The world leader in software solutions for marketing intelligence at the point of sale, Odysii (formerly Tveez) offers software solutions that enable retailers to communicate more effectively with on-site customers by using targeted and dynamic messages in real time.
Odysii captures your business strategies and analyzes real-time data from your business systems to automatically trigger action based on predefined business rules. Relevant, timely, effective promotions are dynamically created and delivered to output devices that are placed in strategic locations in the store or branch. Odysii Marketing Intelligence solutions enable you to positively impact customers’ purchasing decisions by delivering the right content to the right audience at the right time and the right place.
BBased in Tel Aviv, Israel, and Boston, U.S.A., Odysii works with retail banks, hotels, retailers, restaurants, government agencies, and other consumer-facing businesses in over 25 countries worldwide to help increase sales, cut in-store communication costs, and deliver a superior customer experience.
Odysii is backed by Benchmark Capital and Giza Venture Capital
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