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  Odysii Wins ITAWARDS 2011
In December, People & Computers held its annual ITAWARDS for excellence in computerization. More than 200 projects were submitted by organizations from a wide variety of market sectors.
Odysii submitted its Strauss Group - Elite Coffee project, which maximizes sales via real-time targeted messages based on customer behavior at the point of sale (customer-directed Real Time NBO).
The project was completed in cooperation with Odysii business partner MICROS-Fidelio.
The judges remarked that, “This project, the first of its kind in the Israeli retail sector, makes it possible to present the customer with offers tailored to his or her behavior and preferences, in real time, at the point of sale. It is not dependent on information systems and eliminates the need to print information separately for each sales branch. Marketing headquarters retains complete control over activity in all points of sale at any given moment.”